The fashion house Mariana Morgado was founded in 2011 when the designer debuted her first collection at Portugal Fashion Week.

'Hardcore Skin’ immediately caught the eye of Portuguese and international press. The designer’s talent and unique approach to ready-to-wear was swiftly recognized, leading Mariana to receive the Young Revelation Award in Portugal.

After presenting her second signature collection, ‘Kryptonee’, at London Fashion Week, Mariana Morgado was noted as a promising emerging designer.The brand's incredible progress led Mariana to establish her studio in London.

The designer was also part of the five finalists of the British Fashion Council’s FASHION HUB, where her impressive and auspicious path attracted the attention of the media. Mariana’s statement pieces can be found in fashion editorials within the pages of highly acclaimed publications such as Vogue China and Contributor Magazine.

Following the designer’s presentation of the 'Melting Ice’ collection, Mariana was named ‘the enfant prodige’ by The Mag.